Hey folks! Just so you’re in the know, I’ve put up a new and revised version of my Howl and Sophie poster up on Society6. S6 offers incredible high quality giclee prints for a smashing price (considering printing on giclee at a print shop costs me $15 bucks). 
Anyway, I was super sad I couldn’t take this print to Frostcon, but if you enjoy it, it’s up for you to purchase! <3


Hey guys, I was thinking about doing giveaways for reblogs/follows. Is anyone interested, yes? no? maybe so? I’m not sure if anyone actually reads this blog.. D:

Inktober 3. A little bit of gnarly hands, a little bit of Jon Snow.Inktober 3. A little bit of gnarly hands, a little bit of Jon Snow.
Inktober 2

 Free shipping promo now available if you were looking to get something great on S6 :D

My really, really late submission for inktober
My contribution to the shoujo genre.
I made this while trying to avoid working on my elective presentation. Procrastination level at maximum strength.
It’s coming on ChristmasThey’re cutting down treesThey’re putting up reindeerAnd singing songs of joy and peace
I’m ashamed to admit, I went for my first extra life drawing session in over a year.