I’m ashamed to admit, I went for my first extra life drawing session in over a year.
Process shot for a really, super duper fun side project.
Strength: The looming mountains remained. Stolid and unchanging to the fleeting human eye. Yet time took its toll, carving it’s will into the unshakable mammoth.
Sweet Ophelia.

An experiment with brushes.
I moved.
I drew this the first week spring started while drinking a lovely glass of ice coffee. I love fall and all but i’m sad that its one less patio season of my lifetime.

Holy Fo’Shizzle guys! What an influx of awesome followers. Yay!

In order to commemorate this momentous occasion, here’s a doodle. Thanks y’all.

Selfie! Finished! 
A selfie.
Progress shot.
This cool guy.